Should I Destroy My Old Art?

The time has arrived once again.

Like most artists I found myself looking back through some old boxes of  art I have worked on over the years reflecting on the creative journey I have taken. While adding my current batch to the 2017 pile, I decided to scrutinise every piece from a past and present perspective and the strangest thing occurred to me.

Out of all the work, the hundreds of A5 and A4 pages, I felt the same way then that I do now.

“Let me explain”

The pieces that I thought went well, still look as good then as they do now. On the flip side, the pieces that were failed then are still a failure now and eye sore to look at. The difference between then and now is my attitude towards how I approach a piece of art.

When I was, lets just say “Younger” if I started a piece of art I would be committed to finishing it, no matter how bad I felt it was going to turn out. Usually, I was right too.

I’d invest several hours of penciling and inking, pull back and after one look know I had wasted my time. “We have all been here”

These days, I try to work a little smarter and make sure that the concept is as solid as the execution. Good planning goes a long way and I learned this the hard way.

So here I was, going through all these works and I found my self creating a pile that held sentimental value and a pile that I always knew were failures from 9 years ago to 9 days ago. I had to get rid of this burden so started tearing them up, unsure if I was making the right decision at the time, 15 minutes later it was done.

Artistic Junk Pile

After looking at the pile for a solid 10 minutes, I decided to put all these failed pieces to good use in the only way I knew (See above)

Many people choose to keep every single piece of work they ever create, both digital and traditional but I couldn’t so the same. Some times looking back at piles failed work can subconsciously make you take steps backwards.” This was the case with me anyway”

I wouldn’t advise anyone do the same as I did but I thought I should share my experience all the same as it’s a cross-road all artists cross at some point.

I suppose scanning  your work could also be an option that covers both choices to keep & destroy.

I’ll leave that decision up to you…

The Few That Survived

These are the ones that made it through by the way!

The Long Wait Pays Off

So, back in July “I think” I started work on a piece of art after receiving a letter asking for local talent to share their skills. I had to jump at the chance to flex my creative muscles.

After doing some research, I made a start on my initial sketch not knowing if what I had on my head would look the same on paper.


The centre of Wandsworth had to be the focal point for this piece. I finished the rough sketch and after a few adjustments had no choice to force my self to move on to adding some colour in, especially if I wanted to meet the deadline.


I’m not sure if this was one of the chosen methods the professionals used or was it just me. Working form the back to the front made the task a lot less daunting to take on.


After some hours, the piece was as finished as it needed to be. I ended up working on it right up to the deadline and handed it in.

Then…. I waited….. and waited……… and waited……

I thought after a few months I would hear something but all I got was silence then something happened…

After coming home found my own work looking back me! Had to make a little video to capture this moment. We all have things we are passionate about and art is my weapon of choice. Some times progress may take weeks, months or even years but reward makes it more than worth it!

Where can I get some free time?!

I need some free time, cant any one spare me a few days? Its the one thing,s I have come to appreciate the older I have gotten while at the same time, seen less and less made made available to me. Work and family are two commitments that I can’t skip on for obvious reasons so better time management is the only option I have left at my disposal. Working on a few commissions in traditional art has kept me away from my laptop and all the digital tools for quite a while. Making a return always feels a bit rusty and by the time that passes if i make a return to traditional it’s the same thing.

So the cycle continues until I find a way to progress in both digital and traditional with the same amount of free time. A clone would be a good option as I could send him to work for me but I think that might be a few years off.

Decided to screen record my 1st digital piece from start to finish to look back on how I work after a break which you can view below.

Working from imagination knowing the camera is watching made me procrastinate less than I usually do so I may try this again in the future.

I don’t regret what I did with my free time when I had more of it but if I knew how little I would have left when responsibilities became a priority I sure would have used it differently.

You have been warned….

“On a side note”

I have finally managed to get my music store up and running!!!

Still creating that content…

Well, as the title suggests the ‘content’ is still being created. Rather than work on one thing at a time I decided to record a series of videos in advance and talk through what I’m doing. There are already many videos out there sharing tips and tricks but these are usually done from the perspective of a professional. As I am also learning, I hope I can offer something form a different perspective to maybe help bridge the gap many artists face when looking at tutorials that feel beyond their abilities. I include my self in that list too.

Bare with me, and the goods will be delivered and “Hopefully” worth the wait!

If you want to stay up to date on my works in progress you can find me on  Instagram



Out Of My Comfort Zone

Well, this has been a long time coming but I think i’m ready at long last. I’ve always had a passion for art from a young age and keeping the creative flames alive as I have grown up has been no easy task.

Next year i’ll be stepping out my comfort zone to create tutorials to teach anyone that wants to learn how to push beyond a stick man when it comes to drawing. Trying to adapt to what others have been doing will take some time but I have to learn to crawl before I stand…. Walking and running are a long way away!

Being a father of 2  was the biggest incentive to start creating content. When they are sleeping i’m sometimes at work and when I have free time they are at school so finding the time to teach them what I know can tricky. I may not be here tomorrow so these will hopefully show them what their dad was passionate about.

Lets all get 2017 off to a creative start!