Where can I get some free time?!

I need some free time, cant any one spare me a few days? Its the one thing,s I have come to appreciate the older I have gotten while at the same time, seen less and less made made available to me. Work and family are two commitments that I can’t skip on for obvious reasons so better time management is the only option I have left at my disposal. Working on a few commissions in traditional art has kept me away from my laptop and all the digital tools for quite a while. Making a return always feels a bit rusty and by the time that passes if i make a return to traditional it’s the same thing.

So the cycle continues until I find a way to progress in both digital and traditional with the same amount of free time. A clone would be a good option as I could send him to work for me but I think that might be a few years off.

Working from imagination knowing the camera is watching made me procrastinate less than I usually do so I may try this again in the future.

I don’t regret what I did with my free time when I had more of it but if I knew how little I would have left when responsibilities became a priority I sure would have used it differently.

You have been warned….

“On a side note”

I have finally managed to get my music store up and running!!!

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