The Long Wait Pays Off

So, back in July “I think” I started work on a piece of art after receiving a letter asking for local talent to share their skills. I had to jump at the chance to flex my creative muscles.

After doing some research, I made a start on my initial sketch not knowing if what I had on my head would look the same on paper.


The centre of Wandsworth had to be the focal point for this piece. I finished the rough sketch and after a few adjustments had no choice to force my self to move on to adding some colour in, especially if I wanted to meet the deadline.


I’m not sure if this was one of the chosen methods the professionals used or was it just me. Working form the back to the front made the task a lot less daunting to take on.


After some hours, the piece was as finished as it needed to be. I ended up working on it right up to the deadline and handed it in.

Then…. I waited….. and waited……… and waited……

I thought after a few months I would hear something but all I got was silence then something happened…

After coming home found my own work looking back me! Had to make a little video to capture this moment. We all have things we are passionate about and art is my weapon of choice. Some times progress may take weeks, months or even years but reward makes it more than worth it!

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