Last week was the warm up…. Day 8 is here….

Feels like the right time to take it up a notch… Can’t commit this much time into all the submissions but I had to try and push my self…. 

Wanted to try something a little dynamic for the 8th day ‘Crooked’. Was supposed to be just the teeth initially but, like most things creative… Things evolved quickly…

As soon as the inks start to go down I had a feeling I’d be committed to making this special. Working on one part at a time laying down the base lines was the plan of action… 

It was finished… But… I wanted to give it something extra… It could go further than what I had created.  One thing with the month of inktober is that you are constantly (if your looking) at others artists work every day. 

It’s the perfect time to challenge your self and push your limits… So that’s what I did.

 Taking the “finished” image I scanned it into my computer and ventured into the unknown…

I tried a few different thing before I was happy but on this occasion, less was more… Added a darker background to make the main character stand out more. 

No other effects or tricks. Wanted it as close to the hand drawn source as possible…

That’s where the story ends…. Well done if you’ve made it this far!

All I want to say is this… 

“Test your limits… Failure is just a lesson learned” 

Keep creative!!! 

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